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3 Common Types of Thieves and How to Protect Your Home From Them

In 2015, about one in fifty Illinois residents was the victim of a property crime, a category that includes burglary, theft, or motor vehicle theft.1 We don’t have any statistics about what type of security these victims had for their … Continue reading

What Your Front Door Says About You

Your front door is more than simply the main entry into your house. It’s an accent piece for a well-designed façade. It’s a safety feature. It’s a place to decorate for the seasons. It’s the spot where public becomes private. … Continue reading

home security tips chicago winter and fall
6 Chicago Home Security Tips For Fall & Winter

We are still in the thick of summer.   However, the fall and winter months are coming sooner than you think.  Summer may seem like the most prime time of the year for your home security to dwindle.  However, statistically, … Continue reading

bump key burglaries on the rise chicago
Rise in Bump Key Burglaries Across The US

There has been a sharp rise in the sales of bump keys the past few years, and now also evidence that burglaries from so-called “bump keys” are occurring more and more often. Bump keys are specialty keys that let’s anyone … Continue reading

Beef Up Your Home Security with a Residential Steel Door

  There are many benefits to residential steel doors. They are relatively inexpensive, durable, have a long lifespan, insulate a home well and are low maintenance. However, while these are all beneficial, there is another major benefit to these doors. … Continue reading

Resolved ! Five Great Home Security Tips for 2016!

It is a new year and many find themselves making resolutions for better home security. Finding the balance between being comfortable in your Chicagoland home and feeling secure there as well can be achieved with some assistance from Goldy Locks … Continue reading

residential smart lock
Improving Home Security and Accessibility with a Smart Lock

A smart lock is a special type of lock for the front door that does not require a traditional key. Instead, a homeowner uses simple controls in order to both lock and unlock the front door. The smart lock is … Continue reading

commercial keyless entry
Benefits of A Commercial Keyless Entry Solution

Keyless entry systems have been around for years, but many business owners are only now seeing how these systems could help them protect their businesses, keep their employees safe, and possibly lower their insurance costs.  Commercial keyless entry chicago business owners … Continue reading

business security door
Improving your Business Security with a Security Door

As the crime rate rises in many areas, more and more businesses are opting to improve security. If you’re looking for a way to improve the security of your business, you should consider having a security door installed. Here are … Continue reading

apartment security key
Chicago Apartment Security Tips

Keeping your apartment secure is very important, especially since it only takes one burglary or home invasion to change your life forever. In order to do this, you should focus on making your apartment both look secure, and have a … Continue reading