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Locks & Security Service

Satisfying our customers’ needs is number one. From deadbolts to keyless entry systems, we have you covered. Visit one of our suburban locations and let a member of our staff discuss your needs with you. From helping you discover potential security risks to providing solutions with professional products and installation, you can count on our team to deliver outstanding results that eliminate stress from your daily life.

Chicago Home Locksmith, Chicago Locksmith, Chicago Residential Locksmith

Security & Surveillance

Choosing a home security system is one of the most important decisions you will make. Security cameras, in the home and at work, are installed to deter and record criminal behavior and unwanted intruders. The presence of security cameras acts as a remarkable deterrent for criminal behavior and allows increased potential for identification if a crime is committed and can also be used to help improve employee productivity and other business efficiencies.

Chicago Residential Locksmith, Chicago Home Locksmith, Chicago Locksmith

Security/Commercial Doors

The emphasis on life safety and property protection has never been greater than it is today. Doors play a very important role in the fire resistance of a building; they allow people to evacuate safely from a building along with limiting the spread of fire and smoke to other areas. Goldy Locks doors come in a wide range of door/ trim finishes. Life-Safety, Fire-Rated models, Vision Lites, kickplates, monitor switches, alarms and other electrification options.