Keyless Entry in Chicago

Commercial Keyless Entry System Service

Keyless entry and card reader systems are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and safety. There’s no key to lose and the locks cannot be picked as with traditional locking systems. Simply program the system with a multi-digit code or swipe a pre-programmed key card. Either is particularly effective for business applications as they restrict and manage access to employee areas and business assets. In the event that an employee leaves, the code can be reset or the access card returned. Both kinds of locking systems are available for residential and business use.

Take control of your business environment.

With Goldy Locks advanced microprocessor Access Control Systems – identify and regulate who enters your premises.

Card access can also be integrated with our Goldy Locks fire, security, CCTV and building management.

Let Goldy Locks Security Systems help watch your doors, even when you can’t.

The Card Reader System controls access for multiple users.  It’s effectively used as means to reducing stock room shrinkage, tool bin losses and other back door shortages.