6 Chicago Home Security Tips For Fall & Winter

home security tips chicago winter and fall

We are still in the thick of summer.   However, the fall and winter months are coming sooner than you think.  Summer may seem like the most prime time of the year for your home security to dwindle.  However, statistically, it has been shown that criminals are just as active if not more during the winter.

Here are eight different tips to help keep your Chicago home safe this coming winter.

  1. Be Aware Of Home Burglaries

It has been shown that home burglaries begin to increase during the winter months of Chicago. With the extra layer of darkness and shorter days, thefts take full advantage of the chance to break into homes before a homeowner returns for the day. Owners like yourself will typically leave during this time to a warmer vacation spot, leaving their house vulnerable. This is why it is so important to have professional home security service installed on your home.

  1. Locking Your Doors & Windows

You would be shocked at the amount of people who carelessly forget the most simple security practices. You may not be leaving your windows open because of how cold it is out. However, you closing your windows and doors is only the first step. You must ensure that you are locking each of them after use. This includes windows that are above ground level, do not underestimate the mind of a criminal.

  1. Utilizing A Safe

No matter what time of the year it is, adding a safe to your home is always a dependable idea. Having one formidable spot where you can keep your most valuable jewelry, assets, critical documents, and large sums of cash is convenient and safe. Your home insurance company will usually provide you with a discount on your home if they are aware that you use a safe.

  1. Motion Sensing & Automatic Inside Lights

When you are traveling or just away from work, having motion sensing flood lights installed can help detract burglars from your home. It is ideal to place these in entryways and on the front of your garage door or other entry ways so that they can shine a larger area.

Automatically timed light switches inside your home is another terrific detractor from thefts. It is suggested that you also have your drapes and curtains closed at the same time. If burglars think that you may be home, they are more likely not to try and break in.

  1. Avoid Hiding Your Keys

This one may confuse you, of course, you should hide your key. It is where you are hiding it that may be the problem. Everyone knows about the most common places that we hide keys in front of our doors, and you can bet that thefts are just as aware. Some even scout your home, watching you as you leave to see if they understand where you are putting it.

Find a place in the back of your home, or install keyless entry onto your doors to avoid this happening to you.

  1. Install A Security Alarm System

Every tip that we have listed on here can help you avoid a home burglary. However, the most dependable option is to have a professional Chicago home security service install an alarm system. These systems have evolved over the years into full proof modern day protection for your home. Incorporating every element that a burglar hates from light, noise, and video record devices.

With every feature linked to your smartphone, you can access and control your alarm system from anywhere. Making it all the easier for you to set your system before you leave and to react if something goes wrong. However, these systems not only alert you of a possible break-in, but they also can detect potential fires or gas leaks that may be in your home.