A Guide to Choosing the Right Commercial Alarm Lock

detex alarm lock on doorCommercial alarm locks are installed on exit doors and provide an excellent way to protect business owners from shoplifters, intruders, or other unwanted use of the exit doors in their business. If anyone opens a door that’s armed with an alarm lock, a loud alarm is set off. There are a number of different options, form factors and brands you can choose when shopping for alarm locks, and this guide will help you decide which type is right for your business.

EAX and ECL Series Exit Alarms by DETEX

The ECL Series exit alarms are built tough and are used in situations where industrial strength and a rugged form factor is needed. They are also typically easy to install and more inexpensive, despite their many advantages.

The ECL Series has an emergency exit bar (with the words “Push Here – Alarm Will Sound”), and the alarm locks are:

  • ADA compliant
  • Battery operated and alarmed
  • Rugged: both the steel plate and deadbolt
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Packed with other features

The EAX Series has a different form factor than the ECL Series; the form factors vary. However, these exit alarms are also easy to install to the door, are heavy duty, and have a lot of features.

Value Series by DETEX

The Value Series exit alarms are alarmed rim exit devices. They are heavy duty, secure, and economical. Included in the Value Series exit alarms lineup are the V40 series and V50/51 series.

The V40 exit alarms are designed for doors that need a stand alone and battery powered device that can also withstand harsh, cold weather.

They have:

  • An 100dB alarm
  • Remote bypass for extra security
  • MIL-STD 810F, MIL-STD 810F, and UBC standard 7-2 compliant
  • Many more features

The V50/51 exit alarms are built for exit doors that need a vertical rod exit alarm, and provide similar features to the V40 series. They also have a 100dB alarm, and are available in various configurations and form factors.

Sargent and Greenleaf Panic Devices

The company Sargent and Greenleaf boasts that their Arm-A-Dor Series of panic devices are actually three devices in one: an emergency exit bar that provides security from the outside, an alarm that’s designed to protect against burglary and shoplifting, and a panic device.

The Arm-A-Dor Series offers:

  • Around the clock protection from intruders
  • Compliance with the Life Safety code
  • A deadbolt locking mechanism that stretches past 1 1/2″ over the frame on both sides
  • Automatic or manual re-locking, depending on which model you choose
  • Compatibility with BEST keys
  • Many more features

Alarm Lock Door Alarms and Exit Devices

Alarm Lock offers door alarms and exit devices. The door alarms — which include the PG21, PG30, and the PG30KPD series — are rugged door alarms for meant for doors that need an alarm that can be surface mounted. They have a number of distinct features depending on which model you choose. The company’s exit alarms include SirenLock models 250, 260, 700 and 710 — and are alarmed emergency deadbolt exit devices. They are UL Listed and also come with many different features depending on what model you choose.