What Your Front Door Says About You

Your front door is more than simply the main entry into your house. It’s an accent piece for a well-designed façade. It’s a safety feature. It’s a place to decorate for the seasons. It’s the spot where public becomes private. When you’re choosing a front door for your home, all of these things are likely taken into consideration and because of that, it may be more difficult to choose a front door than to choose what exterior color to paint your home and it might entail even more debate than landscaping choices. But front doors can be fun, too, and in that spirit, we’ve made up this list of front door materials, lighting, styles, and colors say with explanations of what these attributes say about the folks who live behind the doors.


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Wood: A wooden front door says you are down to earth and warm-spirited. You welcome visitors, even the occasional unannounced visitor, and want everyone to feel comfortable in your home. You are strong-hearted and always there for those who need you.

Fiberglass: A fiberglass front door says that you are practical and friendly. After all, a fiberglass front door is more energy efficient than a wooden door and requires minimal maintenance compared to both wood and steel doors but can still be styled to have the appearance of a warm and inviting wood door.

Steel: If you love a steel front door, you are high-powered in your pursuit of the finer things in life and you always want to look your best. You don’t have time to be re-staining or repairing a wood door and you want the bold finish that only a painted steel door can provide to match your boldness in life.

Windows, Sidelights, & Transoms


No windows, sidelights, or transom: You are a private person who thinks of their home as their sanctuary. You often find yourself needing a place where you can just “be you” – for you, that place is your home.

Small windows up high and/or curtained sidelights: You value your privacy but are welcoming and open-hearted to your friends and family.

Large windows and/or open sidelights: You like knowing what’s going on in the neighborhood, even when you’re inside. You don’t mind visitors popping by and are generally a sociable person.

Windows, open sidelights, and a transom: No one ever asks when or where the party is – it’s at your place, anytime! You are an open book and thrive on interaction with the outside world.



Traditional: You value the familiar and the raised panels in pairs on your front door appeal to your desire for stability and balance in life. “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” is your mantra in life and décor.

Craftsman: You find pleasure fine details, clean lines, and sturdy structures and your front door is a testament to these values. Your door is likely wooden and may very well be a one-of-a-kind, produced or designed by someone local. You generally buy organic food and have seriously considered starting to compost.

Modern: It’s like that your front door is made of steel and it is probably a solid primary color, if it isn’t black or white. You are direct and to the point and don’t have time for nonsense. In fact, you probably aren’t even home because you are busy making business deals or globetrotting.

Rustic: Like those who favor Craftsman styles, you appreciate fine workmanship that lasts. Unlike Craftsman folks, you started composting years ago and only buy organic when you need something you didn’t grow yourself. If you don’t live on a farm, you wish you did.

Arched: You think you might have been a Hobbit in a past life.



Blue: Blue is one of the most popular colors for front doors. It signifies your desire to make your home a place of respite and calm for yourself and others. Visitors are warmly greeted and often offered a cup of tea.

Green: Green is another popular color for front doors. While it invokes peacefulness, green is also full of energy and vibrancy. Visitors to houses with green doors can expect to be greeted joyfully and feel re-energized after they depart.

Red: A red front door says that those who inhabit the home are exuberant, social, and outgoing. This is the party house.

Black: You can expect to find powerful people living behind a black front door. They are often serious and sophisticated, in both their work and social lives.

Stained brown wood finishes: While certain shades of brown can be warm and inviting, brown can also signify a need for privacy. If you have a wooden door that is stained a natural brown color, the other attributes of your door do more to determine the vibe you are sending out than your color choice does.

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