3 Types of Surveillance Cameras for Different Applications in Your Chicago Home or Business

Many home security systems in Chicago lack video surveillance, despite its ability to add another level of protection. However, before adding cameras your home’s security system, there are a few things to learn about surveillance cameras. Here are three types of cameras that will improve the security system in your Chicago residence:

1. Bullet/Fixed Cameras

These are the most typical type of security camera. They offer interchangeable lenses to get different perspectives on a certain situation, and are stationary and constantly monitoring the situation. Bullet cameras do not pan and zoom, so they are a bit limited in their surveying capacity, but they serve as excellent warnings for potential intruders. Proper placement of fixed cameras is crucial to good surveillance.

2. Infrared Cameras

Infrared cameras have the ability to pick up on heat, allowing the user to see in the dark. These cameras sometimes require an infrared light, depending on their quality and capacity. An infrared camera is ideal for tracking and surveying the movements of potential intruders in the dark—these are extremely useful for around-the-clock surveillance.

3. PC-Based Surveillance Cameras

Typically, these systems use web cams that are covertly placed in areas that need to be watched. They are linked wirelessly to a PC that records the footage to a hard drive. You can also view the camera feed via the internet in order to monitor your home’s safety from around the world. This is perfect for constant surveillance and monitoring as well as capturing footage of any potential intruders.

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3 Types of Surveillance Cameras for Different Applications in Your Chicago Home or Business