A Brief History of Locks

In an ideal world, no one would have to worry about securing their property against theft, but locks and security systems have been around for thousands of years for just this reason. To learn a bit about how humans have devised and developed locks to secure their valuables throughout history, continue reading this article.

Locks in Pharaonic Egypt

It is no surprise that the oldest lock uncovered by archeologists was found in former Mesopotamia, considered by many to be the cradle of Western civilization. Although discovered in present-day Iraq, this lock’s wooden bolt-and-peg system is more commonly associated with the skilled engineering and construction of ancient Egyptians.

Security in Ancient Rome and Greece

Key-accessible pin tumbler locks were used by ancient Greeks and Romans alike. Archeologists have deemed those utilized in ancient Rome to be more secure than their Grecian counterparts.

Robert Barron’s Double-Acting Lever Tumbler Lock

No significant developments were made in the world of locks until 1778, the year in which Robert Barron patented the double-acting lever tumbler lock. This lock was important because it narrowed the range in which a lever could be opened in order to unlock a door.

The First “Unpickable” Lock

A few years after Robert Barron’s revolutionary invention came to the fore, Joseph Bramah patented the “unpickable” safety lock. But just as “unsinkable” ships had their ill-fated journeys, crafty criminals proved to be too clever for Joseph Bramah’s “unpickable” safety lock.

Today’s Security Locks

Locksmiths have invested countless hours in improving Bramah’s technology. The results have been favorable, making today’s deadbolt security locks highly effective and popular among commercial and residential property owners who take security seriously.

For today’s security-conscious homeowner, there are a handful of advanced locking mechanisms that could accurately be described as “unpickable.” Because breaking and entering is not restricted to lock picking, however, it is prudent for homeowners to complement their maximum-security locks with state-of-the-art alarm systems. To speak with a Chicago locksmith and security system specialist who offers a variety of security services, call Goldy Locks at (888) 721-6803 today!

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A Brief History of Locks