A Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial Alarm Locks

Your locksmith has several options to offer your commercial property when it comes to alarm locks. These can integrate with your alarm or security systems and be used on most commercial doors. Alarm locks are very common on emergency exits and rear doors where direct supervision is not always possible. Commercial properties, ranging from retail businesses with high customer traffic to office buildings with many areas of controlled entry, can benefit from using alarmed locks.

Emergency Exits

Some of the most common applications for alarmed locks are emergency exit commercial doors. For smaller businesses, these kinds of locks with integrated alarm systems can act as multi-function devices. They serve as an alarm for an emergency situation, while also providing instant awareness of unauthorized entry through one of these doors. The alarms on these kinds of locks are very loud, so even for larger businesses with wide spaces and high ambient noise, the alarms can serve to notify all employees and inhabitants of the building.

Locks for emergency exit commercial doors are clearly labeled. Designed to be opened quickly in the event of an emergency, these code-certified units provide warnings and instructions, so either an employee or customer can operate them in an emergency situation.

Exit Control Locks

Other types of alarmed locks are designed primarily for security applications. Hardened against tampering and exterior intrusion, these multi-point locks provide additional protection against shoplifting or unauthorized opening of select doors. These are also ideal “everyday” devices, as they offer a long service life despite repetitive use during normal authorized operations.

Depending on your needs, these locks can come with various additional features. Most offer low-power alerts that let you know when you need to change a battery or offer visual indicators for when the devices are not armed.

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A Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial Alarm Locks