A Look at Different Types of Commercial Access Control Technology

Commercial entities choose to control access to their facilities for several reasons, from enforcing general security to safeguarding their intellectual property. To learn about the best keyless entry access control systems on the market, the technologies they utilize, and the commercial environments for which they are ideal, continue reading this article.

Prox Pad™

Equipped with a proximity reader and keypad, International Electronics, Inc.’s Prox Pad™ is a dual-function security system that gives users hassle-free, secure keyless entry to private areas. The device itself serves as the proximity reader, door control, and keypad, and is slightly larger than a standard digital camera. It can be wired to grant access and audit the comings and goings of up to 2,000 people.

Veriprox Fingerprint Reader

The Kantech Veriprox Fingerprint Reader is a state-of-the-art keyless entry device that helps companies avoid access problems associated with lost keys and key cards. Individuals with access to a room or office protected by Veriprox must verify their identities using both a card and a fingerprint. Each unit can store up to 4,000 fingerprint templates.


A powerful keyless entry access control system made with large businesses in mind, Kantech’s EntraPass™ system is ideal for large corporations that wish to streamline security data from various office locations. EntraPass™ is available in three different editions (Special, Corporate, and Global), each of which can accommodate an unlimited number of users.

SiteLine® RetroSite™

Developed by Medeco, the SiteLine® RetroSite™ reader is ideal for banks, retail safes, and other places where maximum security is of the essence. Using Medeco’s patented no-unauthorized-duplication technology, this security system uses a chip-based key instead of key cards. If you are looking to upgrade an existing Wiegand-based electronic access control system, you will be happy to know that just about any of these systems can be easily retrofitted with a SiteLine® RetroSite™ system.

Featuring state-of-the-art technologies developed and patented by Kantech, Medeco, and International Electronics, Inc., Goldy Locks in Chicago is prepared to equip your commercial space with a reliable access control system. To speak with a security expert about the keyless entry and commercial door systems we provide, call (888) 721-6803!

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A Look at Different Types of Commercial Access Control Technology