A Look at Your Options for Commercial Deadbolts and Security Locks

Deadbolts perform an extremely important duty for your business—these durable locks ensure that your building, employees, and supplies remain safe from harm. When it comes time to purchase high-quality commercial deadbolts for your business, you have several options:

Basic Deadbolts
Commercial-grade deadbolts, like the Arrow E Series and Medeco 14 Series, are specially designed to resist against force. These locks feature a free spinning outer ring that helps prevent against intruders. A commercial deadbolt should also feature a hardened steel deadbolt, solid brass construction, and tamper-resistant pin system. These features help protect your business from several types of intrusion. Remember to check the American National Standards Institute grade when investing in new deadbolts. Invest in a deadbolt with at least an ANSI grade of 2 or better to ensure that the lock is up to the task of protecting your business.

Advanced Deadbolts
Important cargo and sensitive documents require the highest level of security. ANSI grade 1 locks, like the Medeco Maxum deadbolt, offer even higher levels of security than standard steel locks. For example, the Maxum deadbolt’s hardened steel bolt is reinforced with heavy-gauge steel housing. These heavy-duty locks can also serve as a deterrent to criminals.

High-quality deadbolts also have extra features that allow them to resist force, ice picks, wrenches, and drills. Plus, many ANSI grade 1 locks can be incorporated into your current master key system, making it easy to replace your current locks with stronger deadbolts.

A strong deadbolt can protect your business from theft and vandalism. Contact Goldy Locks in Chicago at (888) 721-6803 or visit us online if your business needs an upgraded security system. With 30 years of experience, we can help ensure that your new locks will remain secure.

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A Look at Your Options for Commercial Deadbolts and Security Locks