A Look at Your Residential Deadbolt Options

If your home was recently broken into or you would like to invest in the best residential locks available, it’s time to thoroughly research your deadbolt options. There are deadbolts for child-safe use, deadbolts for maximum protection, and deadbolts with an attractive, clean-cut look. Read on to see which deadbolts you can expect to find at Goldy Locks in Chicago.

Arrow E Series Deadlocks

If you want the best value for a quality, reliable deadlock, it’s hard to beat the Arrow E Series. To keep you safe, this lock is tamper resistant and features a rotating wrench-proof collar. It even features concealed screws and a steel deadbolt with a steel pin insert.

Medeco Maxum Residential Deadbolts

Both strong and attractive, the Maxum deadbolt is sure to improve the looks and safety of just about any door. This residential lock features double-locking action, which makes it both pickproof and bump proof. According to Consumer Reports, this is the best residential deadbolt to invest in if you’re looking for the ultimate peace of mind.

Single- and Double-Cylinder Locks

The standard single-cylinder lock is easy to install. It features a Medeco lock on the outside and an easy thumb-turn on the inside. If you prefer adding an extra safety precaution, the double-cylinder deadbolt requires a key for both entry and exit. You can even get a child-safe version of this deadbolt with a removable thumb-turn key, giving you the benefits of both single- and double-cylinder designs. The child-safe deadlock offers protection when you’re away from home while still making it easy to exit in an emergency.

LSDA 220 Series Grade 2 Deadbolts

Available in both medium-duty commercial and heavy-duty residential forms, this lock resists sawing and other types of tools used for forced entry. It also features three-inch screws that help to protect the door frame from a break-in.

To learn more about the residential deadbolts you can get for your house, come to Goldy Locks of Chicago. Call us at (888) 721-6803 or visit our website to learn more about how we can enhance the security of your home.deadbolt

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A Look at Your Residential Deadbolt Options