An Overview of Your Residential Keyless Entry Options

Do you want to make your home more secure? Then you should consider getting a keyless entry system. While keyless entry systems were once primarily used by businesses, more people are using these systems to improve security in their homes as well. Currently, there are variety of residential keyless entry systems to choose from. One product, the Touchscreen Deadbolt, is a door lock that opens and closes when a correct code is entered on the keypad. In addition to being easy to use, this lock can be set up to work in numerous different languages, making it a truly exceptional security product. Another popular entry system is the Keyless Lock from the Trilogy company, which has an LED indicator screen, durable exterior casing, and multi passcode programming capabilities.

To learn more about any of these keyless entry systems, call Goldy Locks of Chicago at (888) 721-6803. We have a large selection of security systems in stock, and our staff of experienced technicians would be glad to assist you in making your home a safer place. Contact us today!

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An Overview of Your Residential Keyless Entry Options