Benefits of a Card Reader

As far as access control systems go, a card reader is still one of the most popular ways to secure a building. Keyless entry systems include proprietary proximity cards, magnetic stripe cards, biometric systems, and even smart cards. For many facility managers and business owners, the benefits of a card reader far outweigh the initial investment cost. These benefits include:

Loss Prevention

Card readers are a simple and convenient way of securing your entire building and individual rooms inside it. For example, you can require your employees to swipe their card to gain access to the office and again to access the lock-up closet or computer lab. This means that card readers can effectively reduce stock room shrinkage, tool bin losses, and other back door shortages.

Building Security

One of the most obvious benefits of an access control system is that you can identify and regular who enters your premises. Unless your business welcomes and invites walk-in customers, a card reader can secure your building from unwanted or unauthorized visitors. This level of security will keep your products and equipment safe, but it will also protect yourself and your employees safe from an armed robbery or violent attack.

Employee Tracking

Depending on the type of access control system you choose, you may be able to track individual swipes at a given location. This means that you can easily track your employees’ attendance and timeliness. You can also keep track of who swipes into valuable areas so you can easily recover missing tools or equipment.

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Benefits of a Card Reader