Common Points of Entry Burglars Use in Homes and Businesses

It’s important to understand how to secure your home against intrusion. By understanding which parts of your home serve as easy entry for a potential burglar, you can get a better understanding of how your locksmith will help to secure your home. For businesses, after-hours burglary can be prevented with the installation of security systems that cover common entry points as well. Alarm systems further add to your security—discouraging a potential thief with an alarm can help deter a burglary before it is even committed.

Visibility is also one of the most important factors when it comes to a burglar’s choice of entry locations. This is why your landscaping and exterior lighting are very important. If your home or business is concealed from street view, burglars could exploit your property.

An unsecured home is the most vulnerable and appealing to a thief. However, even an advanced security system can be defeated by the homeowners themselves. One of the most common ways burglars enter a home is through an unlocked door or window, and an unarmed alarm system won’t accomplish anything. It is vital to hire a locksmith who can not only help you understand how to secure your house, but also provide an alarm system that is easy and intuitive to use and offers maximum protection.

Garages are another target for potential burglars. An open garage advertises what you have that can be stolen and provides a measure of concealment for someone breaking in. Back doors, basement windows, and sliding glass doors can be easily entered if left unsecured in a low-visibility area.

For businesses, many of the same areas a burglar uses to enter a home are just as commonly exploited. After-hours lighting can discourage a burglar from entering through the front of your business, while security systems and alarms at the rear can keep thieves from accessing this vulnerable spot.

To learn more about preventing burglary at your home or business, call Goldy Locks of Chicago at (888) 721-6803. We have the locks, alarm systems, and commercial doors that can help secure your property against intrusion.

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Common Points of Entry Burglars Use in Homes and Businesses