Examining the Features and Benefits of Our Decorative Hardware

A door is more than just an entryway into your home—it can also be a stylish addition to your home’s aesthetic. After all, when your guests arrive, the first thing they see is your home’s front door. When well maintained and equipped with the proper hardware, your front door can project a sense of welcome and security. On the other hand, if you neglect your front door, your home’s curb appeal can be compromised. Here is a brief look at the features and benefits of Goldy Locks’ decorative hardware:


Goldy Locks offers a number of doorknobs that can give your front door the splash of elegance it needs. With a variety of colors and shapes, our selection of doorknobs is sure to include hardware that will match your tastes and preferences. Doorknobs serve both functional and stylistic needs. When you choose Goldy Locks for your decorative hardware, you can enjoy easy installation and concealed screws for a streamlined look. We also offer pick-resistant systems.

Door Levers

In addition to doorknobs, we offer door levers. Free from the hassle of aligning screws, our door levers are easy to install. Like our doorknobs, our door levers also feature concealed screws, meaning they offer superior aesthetic value. Door levers are ideal for seniors with arthritis who may have difficulty grasping a door knob.


Choosing the right handleset for your door is critical. In addition to being a prominent component of your door’s appearance, a handleset offers a form of security against intruders. Our various handlesets boast ANSI Grade 1 Deadbolts, titanium alloy throwbolt cores, and anti-pick 6-PIN security systems.

The hardware listed above is just a sample of what Goldy Locks has to offer. As a premier locksmith in the Chicago area, Goldy Locks takes pride in offering our clients the very best when it comes to door security. If you want to learn more about the products we offer, call us at (888) 721-6803.

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Examining the Features and Benefits of Our Decorative Hardware