Features to Look for When Selecting a New Security Door

The front door serves as the most obvious gateway between your home and the outside world. As the point of entry for most visitors to your home, the front door should be aesthetically pleasing and well-maintained. As the first part of your home through which a burglar is likely to attempt to break in, it should also be secure. If you are in the market for a new front door and want it to serve as a strong defense against burglary, prioritize the following features:

Strong Frame

Most security door frames are made from some sort of metal that makes them more impenetrable than wooden and vinyl frames. Many experts recommend steel, but aluminum and metal alloy door frames work as well.

Flush-Mounted Installation

Flush-mounted security doors are less conspicuous than tube-frame mounted doors. They also have a better seal, which is ideal for places with winters as harsh as Chicago’s.

Security Lock

Security door locks should be bump-proof and virtually unpickable. For the most resolute type of lock, turn to a locksmith with a wealth of experience and a reputation for installing highly effective deadbolt locks.

Wind Chains

Chicago is called The Windy City for a reason, and wind chains are a smart addition to any security door a homeowner decides to install on his or her home. They prevent gusts of wind from blowing the doors to which they are affixed open.


Pneumatic closers ensure that a security door closes and locks every time you enter or exit through it.

Serving Chicago residents since 1981, Goldy Locks takes security very seriously. If you are looking to fortify your home’s security with strong and durable doors and high-security locks, we can provide you with first-rate service at competitive prices. To learn more about the products we work with or the range of locksmith services we provide, call (888) 726-5692.

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Features to Look for When Selecting a New Security Door