Home Security During Summer, the Time of Break Ins and Burglaries

Long Chicago days and good weather are ideal for summer vacations and trips to the pool, but burglars also like to take advantage of the warm summer months. With people out on vacation and plenty of daylight hours to work with, summer thefts are common and much easier to pull off in Chicago. Keep a few things in mind when planning your vacation this summer and save yourself the surprise and difficulties of coming home to a ransacked house.

Look Occupied

You may be spending two weeks in Europe this summer, but your house shouldn’t look like it. Install a light timer to give the appearance of someone being home and arrange for lawn care if needed. Have your mail and newspaper deliveries paused or ask a neighbor to pick them up for you regularly. Also, keep in mind the growing role social media may play in home security. If all of the details of your trip are on Facebook, be sure your privacy settings are set to friends only or something similar.

Hide Temptations

Are the spare car keys visible through a window? Was a ladder left out or an upstairs window propped open? Double check your home before leaving to make sure anything enticing and easily sold is hidden away. If you have expensive or irreplaceable valuables in your home, consider keeping them in a fire safe for a double boost of protection.

Take Precautions

Burglary is primarily a crime of opportunity, one that mainly happens to those that do not take precautions. The idea is to make your house more difficult to break into than someone else’s. Alarm systems and quality, bump free Medeco locks can provide an extra layer of protection to your home. Surveillance camera systems and safes also help protect your home and possessions. If you are still struck by a thief, even after taking precautions, surveillance cameras can increase your chances of retrieving your valuables and catching the perpetrator.

To find out more about keeping your home safe during the summer months, contact Goldy Locks Inc. in Chicago. As a locksmith and security provider in Chicagoland, Goldy Locks has a wide range of security options to help you prepare your home or business for the opportunistic thief. Give us a call at 888-726-5692 or visit us online.

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Home Security During Summer, the Time of Break Ins and Burglaries