How a Lock Is Picked

There was a time when locks deterred almost anyone from breaking and entering. Unfortunately, burglars have outsmarted many common locking mechanisms and can now pick some types of locks in as little as five to 10 seconds. The best way to keep criminals from cracking through your home’s security system is to think about how they might try to bypass your locks and proof them accordingly.

Turn-Style Knobs

Turn-style knob locks offer very little security, as they can be picked with just a paperclip, bobby pin, or butter knife. If you use turn-style or lever tumbler locks on your home’s exterior doors, you should hire a locksmith to replace these locks with more secure locking mechanisms.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks are the most common locks used on residential front doors. Inside each cylinder lock is a puzzle of sorts, a puzzle that—in theory—can only be unlocked with the right key. In recent years, however, burglars have discovered a quick and easy way to crack the pin-and-tumbler cylinder lock system. Using a tool that has been around for almost a century, called a bump key, criminals can unlock doors by "bumping them" in just seconds.

Deadbolt Locks

The purpose of a deadbolt is to make it more difficult for someone to kick in a door. The longer the deadbolt, the harder it is to knock down a door. In order for a deadbolt to be effective, however, it must be connected to an intricate, difficult-to-pick lock. While cylinder and double-cylinder locks are most commonly used in tandem with deadbolt locks, push button deadbolts are preferred by many commercial entities because they cannot be picked. They do not have a keyhole, but rather require a series of buttons to be pressed in the proper order as a form of keyless entry.

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How a Lock Is Picked