How an Alarm Lock Can Protect Your Business

From physical inventory to intellectual property and sensitive customer information, businesses have plenty to protect. A comprehensive security system for most businesses includes maximum-security locks, video monitoring, and commercial alarm locks.

Alarm locks can be configured to meet the needs of just about any commercial entity. Such locks can alert you to questionable activity on your business grounds by emitting a loud noise when someone has opened a door without proper authorization. In the retail sector, this security system is used primarily to detect shoplifting and prevent losses. At other types of businesses, alarm locks can alert supervisors to suspicious activity by employees.

Serving commercial entities throughout the Chicagoland area, Goldy Locks carries 90-decibel alarm locks that have proven their worth time and time again. To speak with a security systems expert about our alarm locks, keyless entry technology, and other security solutions, call (888) 721-6803.

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How an Alarm Lock Can Protect Your Business