How Great Hardware Can Improve Door Function

As a business owner, you want every detail of your business to run smoothly and efficiently. The commercial door hardware carried by your Chicago locksmith can help you improve your door function for both you and your customers. The right door hardware for any business will allow for ease of entry and exit for your customers, improve your security system, and prevent your doors from staying open a moment too long during the cold winter months.

Smooth Entry and Exit

Your locksmith is equipped with the latest technology and hardware from leading commercial door hardware companies to improve any entry and exit strategy. Instead of confusing your customers with difficult-to-use door hardware, try some of the latest handle and bar designs for a more effective and attractive look. There are hundreds of options available to fit the needs of any entryway.

Effective Security

Did you know that most standard commercial business locks are vulnerable to several simple theft strategies? You need door hardware that really works to keep criminals out, protecting your business and potentially saving you thousands. The right door hardware from your locksmith will prevent key duplication, key bumping, and entry through using tools like drills or picks. Today’s hardware security systems are more effective than ever for preventing theft and break-ins.

Close Doors Automatically

Door closers are essential door hardware for any business. Customers often don’t pay attention as they go in and out whether or not your door is tightly closed. During both summer and winter months, door closers are the most effective way for business owners to save money on heating and cooling. In addition, door closers can keep your store more secure and also improve cleanliness.

If you are interested in improving your door function, talk to your Chicago locksmith about the various hardware options available. At Goldy Locks, we have been installing door hardware, commercial doors, security systems, and keyless entry systems for Chicago businesses since opening in 1981. Call us today at (888) 721-6803 for a free estimate.

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How Great Hardware Can Improve Door Function