Just How Strong Are Arrow Touchscreen Deadbolt Locks?

Combining the strong and venerable cylindrical lockset with modern touchscreen access control, the Arrow Revolution is a new kind of deadbolt. Designed to improve day-to-day access and provide the maximum level of security, this innovative lock is ideal for many commercial applications.

This video explores more than just the specifications of the Arrow Revolution—it puts the lock through several rigorous tests to see how it holds up against intrusion. The lock is certified by UL, designed to be weatherproof. But what about fire protection? As this video demonstrates, even a blowtorch can’t affect the function of the lock.


Watch the video to see the Revolution put through further testing. Then, find out how this lock can change the way you control access on your property by calling Goldy Locks at (888) 721-6803. You can explore our full range of access and security options when you visit our website.

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Just How Strong Are Arrow Touchscreen Deadbolt Locks?