Keep Your Home Safe with Residential Security Devices

Several security devices can be used to defend your home against intruders. For the ultimate in home security, however, you should invest in a network of devices to secure your perimeter. Here are a few home security devices that can help you make your home as safe as possible:

System Controls

No security system is complete without a central control panel. This simple device allows you to operate the security system, program alarms, and communicate with a central monitoring system. Advanced control panels, like the Honeywell LYNX Touch, offer the convenience of touchscreen controls and wireless installation.

Work with a security system professional to figure out which type of control panel is the best fit for your household. For example, you can make your security system easy to use for your kids and teens by installing intuitive touchscreen controls.


You can make your home less vulnerable to break-ins by employing multiple types of alarms. Magnetic contacts can be used to detect unwanted opening of doors and windows. You can also employ passive infrared motion detectors to sense the movement of intruders inside your home. Finally, sensors can be used to detect the breaking of any window in your home. Each of these devices communicates with your system control panel and sets off an alarm when your perimeter is breached.

Remote Monitors

Remote monitoring is an important home security resource. Control panels with this feature can call in a breach at your home in seconds. Remote monitoring devices can also protect your home from fire, floods, and other emergencies—this feature is extremely important when you’ve been cut off from your phone by smoke or an intruder.

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Keep Your Home Safe with Residential Security Devices