Precautions You Can Take to Prevent Lock Bumping

Until a few years ago, lock bumping was an art that was unfamiliar to just about anyone outside of the locksmith industry. Today, however, criminals are becoming increasingly familiar with this method of bypassing a locked door, which involves a specially designed key and a tapping device. To keep criminals from entering your home or business using this technique, follow the advice offered in this article.

Pin Installation

The installation of high-security lock pins can make a lock significantly more difficult to bump. These pins should only be installed by a highly qualified locksmith.

Bump-Proof Deadbolts

Not all deadbolt locks provide strong resistance to lock bumping, but those that are specially engineered against the technique can provide considerable protection. Speak with your commercial door and security system specialist about having lock-bump-resistant deadbolts installed in your home or business.

Commercial-Grade Security Locks

Medeco, a highly reputed lock manufacturer, produces a deadbolt lock that is highly resistant against bumping and traditional lock picking methods. This deadbolt, the UL 437, is composed of one-inch hardened steel that is difficult to hack through. It is also equipped with hardened steel inserts that offer extra protection against drilling.

Keyless Entry Systems

For those who are especially concerned about lock bumping and picking, keyless entry access systems can provide the perfect solution. Available in biometric, magnetic stripe, and password accessible form, these systems cannot be picked with physical tools. They also make it easy for business owners to restrict access to a building or specific rooms at certain times of the day or week.

The rise of lock bumping can be counteracted with the right security systems. Fortunately, there are ways for home and business owners to protect their property against such activity. To speak with a commercial door and security system expert about keyless entry and other locking systems, call Goldy Locks of Chicago at (888) 721-6803!

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Precautions You Can Take to Prevent Lock Bumping