Product Profile: Touchscreen Deadbolt

Are you looking to maximize home security and convenience? Keyless entry hardware has revolutionized home safety by making it quick easy to lock and unlock your doors without sacrificing security.

One notable type of keyless entry system is the Arrow Revolution touchscreen deadbolt with voice-guided programming. This easy-to-install deadbolt allows you to grant permanent and temporary access to up to 25 people, utilizing unique user codes. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, the Arrow Revolution deadbolt eliminates the need to call a locksmith because you’ll never be locked out for not having a key. You can also end the unsafe practice of leaving spare keys hidden around the home.

To learn more about installing the Arrow Revolution touchscreen deadbolt or other keyless entry technology at your Chicago-area home, contact Goldy Locks today. We are the Chicago area’s leading commercial and residential locksmith service, specializing in security upgrades, doors and locks, safes, and more. Call (888) 721-6803.

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Product Profile: Touchscreen Deadbolt