Steps to Take if You Experience a Break-In

Coming home to discover a break-in can be very traumatic. In addition to notifying the authorities, it’s a good idea to call a Chicago locksmith to change your locks and re-evaluate your home’s level of security. Read this article for more information about the steps to take after a break-in.

Recover and Repair Your Property

The first step is to call 911 and file a police report. This needs to be done within 24 hours of discovering the crime if you plan on filing an insurance claim. Tell the police and your insurance company as much as you can about the most valuable items that were stolen. You may want to hire a private detective to scour online marketplaces and local pawnshops for your items. If your property was damaged or vandalized, call a cleanup company to have it repaired.

Secure Your Home

Invest in a quality security system to increase your peace of mind and reduce the chances of a break-in happening again. Call a locksmith to change out the locks in your home to ensure that the thief cannot enter your home using a key. While the locksmith is there, consider investing in a secure keyless entry system, safe, or security camera system for your home.

Take Time to Heal

Once you have ensured your security and taken the first steps to locating, repairing, and recovering your property, it’s time to address the emotional impact of the break-in. If you feel vulnerable and scared, allow yourself to feel uncomfortable rather than trying to ignore it. Talk to family and friends for support, and let the recovery process take place at its own pace. It may help you to take self-defense classes or to talk to a counselor if you feel like you’re not improving.

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Steps to Take if You Experience a Break-In