Understanding How Burglar Alarms Work

Whether you are a home or business owner, having a high-quality burglar alarm is essential. Burglar alarms are incredibly effective at stopping robberies and are relatively easy for security companies to install. If you would like to learn more about how burglar alarms work, continue reading or talk to a security system installation specialist in your area.

Circuit Breaking

Most burglar alarms are powered by an electrical circuit system, which has a very simple operation. When this system is in use, electricity constantly flows from point of the circuit to the other uninterruptedly. However, when a window or door to the house is opened while the system is engaged, the electrical current is interrupted, causing an alarm to sound.

Motion Detection

The loud sound produced by the burglar alarm is usually enough to deter an intruder. As a safety precaution, however, many burglar alarms are equipped with motion detection technology. Radar motion detectors, one of the most common types of detectors used, work by emitting sound waves throughout a room. If a sound wave bounces off a foreign object in the room, such as an intruder, an alarm will go off. Another common type of motion detector, the passive infrared model, detects body heat. So if an intruder enters the home, a sensor will pick up their body heat and an alarm will sound.


After a security alarm goes off, a few things happen. First, a very loud sound emerges from the system’s speakers, which is supposed to deter the intruder as well as alert the homeowner of the problem at hand. Simultaneously, outdoor lights may start flashing to alert neighbors of an intrusion. Finally, the system will either automatically call the police or the security company letting them know of the break in.

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Understanding How Burglar Alarms Work