What are the Advantages of a Fiberglass Door?

When it comes to commercial doors, you have a lot of different options. While steel entry doors have been proven to be more secure than traditional wood-edge doors, they might not offer the warm and welcoming appearance that you want for the front of your business. But if you want a commercial door that offers the genuine look and feel of wood with none of the performance problems associated with natural wood products, choose a fiberglass door. There are many advantages to fiberglass doors, including:

Far Superior to Wood

Sculpted from the most advanced composite materials, fiberglass has been proven to be far superior to wood in a number of different categories, including strength, weather-resistance, and ease of maintenance. In fact, fiberglass-reinforced engineered materials are designed to stand up to real world punishment better than any wood door on the market.

Beautiful Finish

Great care has been taken in selecting grain patterns which replicate the dramatic wood grain structure of expensive oak doors. Like the most beautiful wood doors, the deeply pronounced pattern of a fiberglass door runs vertically on the stiles and horizontally on the rails. Fiberglass entry doors can even be customized with decorative door lights, sidelights, and elegant transoms.

Smart Design

Fiberglass entry doors feature a square-edge design that offers an attractive wood-like appearance and permits easy field trimming of door bottoms. This means a simple solution for gaining carpet clearance or eliminating out-of-square conditions. Fiberglass doors can also be equipped with bulb and blade sweep seals which keep out air and water infiltration. That means no more drafts or leaks.

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What are the Advantages of a Fiberglass Door?