Which Commercial Security Camera is Right for Your Business?

From loss prevention to the protection of sensitive data, security needs vary from company to company. Thankfully, a range of security systems and cameras is available to ensure that each company can meet its own specific security needs. The most common types of commercial security camera include:

Standard Cameras
High resolution has become the norm for camera manufacturers like ADEMCO and Honeywell. This is why general-purpose cameras that are budget friendly are suitable for most companies’ everyday video monitoring and security needs. Honeywell’s HCC484E and ADEMCO Video’s ACM384E(X) are value-packed cameras that belong to the standard class.

Dome Cameras
If you are looking for a cost-effective, fully integrated security camera system, a dome camera may be ideal for keeping watch over your company. Honeywell and ADEMCO are leading manufacturers of this type of surveillance camera, available with black and white, monochrome, and color formats.

Full-Featured Cameras
Full-featured cameras like ADEMCO’s ACC334TP are ideal for business owners looking for a sensitive, dynamic camera system that produces crystal-clear images. Utilizing ADEMCO’s 1/3-inch charge-couple device (CCD), these cameras are highly sensitive to motion and have considerable range.

High-Performance Cameras
Even with poor lighting in your office or warehouse, the quality of the video the ADEMCO HCCM474M captures is extraordinarily high. This high-performance camera is easy to install, enables identification of employees, and allows for observation of minute details where cameras of a lower class fail to deliver.

Does one of the cameras described above sound appropriate for your business environment? To find out how it can be integrated into your office’s existing security system, call Goldy Locks of Chicago at (888) 721-6803. While you are speaking with one of our security professionals, enquire about our commercial doors, keyless entry, and other alarm and locksmith services that can make your business more secure!

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Which Commercial Security Camera is Right for Your Business?