Chicago Apartment Security Tips

apartment security keyKeeping your apartment secure is very important, especially since it only takes one burglary or home invasion to change your life forever. In order to do this, you should focus on making your apartment both look secure, and have a system in place to make sure it is physically secure.

Always Lock Your Door

There is no easier way for a burglar to gain access to your apartment, or any home, than through an unlocked door. This means keeping your doorknob and deadbolt locked whenever you go out for more than a few minutes. A burglar going through your apartment complex twisting every door knob, looking for one which isn’t locked, will pass right by your apartment if they can’t just walk right in. When you are home, it also helps to keep your door chained, as an extra security precaution.

Secure Your Windows

Windows, especially on the ground floor, are the other easy access points for burglars. If your windows are at ground level, or if it leads onto a fire escape, it should be tightly secured at all times when you are not home. It may be a bit inconvenient in the warmer months, especially if you put a bar down to lock a window, but it prevents someone from just lifting the window up and gaining easy access to your apartment.

Keep Travel Plans Private

In this age of social media, some burglars might check their Facebook or Twitter feeds to see if someone will be away from their house for awhile. Even if the burglars are not directly connected to you, they may hear about your travel plans from someone who is. When you’re going on vacation, or you will otherwise be away from your apartment overnight, do not post it on social media until after you are back home.

Have a Security System Installed

One of the best ways to both deter a burglar in the first place, and to stop a burglary in progress, is to have a security system installed. Home security in Chicago means getting having sensors installed on doors and windows, as well as at least one motion detector in your apartment. If you arm your system when you are not home, anyone who tries getting in will trip the alarm, alerting you, and the police, immediately. A security system will almost always come with stickers as well to let people know your home is protected by an alarm, making burglars think twice about even trying to break in, deterring crime before it happens.

Doing all of this will drastically reduce the chances of somebody breaking in to your apartment. Thieves generally look for easy targets, by making your apartment look difficult to break in to, there is a good chance burglars will choose a different unit in which to commit a crime.