Resolved ! Five Great Home Security Tips for 2016!

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It is a new year and many find themselves making resolutions for better home security. Finding the balance between being comfortable in your Chicagoland home and feeling secure there as well can be achieved with some assistance from Goldy Locks Inc. Make 2016 the year that you strike that balance by following our five tips for acquiring and maintaining better home security in 2016.

With the advances of new technology home security has reached optimum levels of effectiveness. The critical part of staying secure in your home is restricting the access to your inner sanctum. Goldy Locks Inc. specializes in this particular type of protection. A family owned business that covers everything from locksmithing to keyless entry we have made it our business to help you sleep at night rest assured that your dwelling is safe and secure. If the persons that want to do harm to your family or take your hard earned possessions cannot gain access you and your family have peace of mind.

Be Open Minded When it Comes to Utilizing the New Technology 

Adequate lighting around your home, is an option that you should investigate further in the coming year as you resolve to have better home security. Though they work in coordination with secure access points of your home, a well lit home with an effectively placed placard displaying that a security system is in use on the premises sometimes serve as effective deterrents to criminals who are seeking a home to target. However, a determined criminal will not stop to read the signs in your yard. It is still imperative to have your home locked tight – access denied!

Keyless Entry  and Smart Locks -Protect your Main Entrance, Garage,  Side and Back Doors

Securing your main entrance is critical in keeping out the determined criminal. Keyless entry and smart locks are two innovative ways to secure your door. Smart locks are operated  to unlock your door only when the correct keypad code that only you and your family will know is input. Keyless entry works just like your ID card at work wherein access is gained as you pass the corresponding microchip near the keyless entryway. The staff at Goldy Locks Inc. are experts on the installation, maintenance and coordination of these and other systems with your home security system to make your home totally secure.

Protect your Window Access Points

Goldylocks inc. carries state-of-the-art dead bolts and other locks for your windows to allow for easy open for you and impossible access for intruders.

Do Not Leave a Spare Key Under the Lawn Chair

Today there is absolutely no need to use a key, less more need a spare one. However, we offer the best traditional locks and doors if you choose to stay with a key and lock system. It is hard to know who is watching you leave the spare. Burglars may snoop around to find your spare key.

Coordinate your Keyless Entry System or Smart Lock System with your Alarm System

Coming home to a safe, lit, and secure home is as easy as punching  the correct code as you near your residence or better yet waving your key fob for keyless entry. You don’t have to be a technology maven to take advantage. The experts at Goldy Locks inc. along with -Alarm One know the way home.

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